Thursday, September 20, 2012


The Pigeon really, really wants to finish this activity book! But that pesky Duckling keeps getting in the way. Oh, and there's someone new on the scene causing all kinds of problems....

Follow the Bus Driver's lead as you write, color, draw, create--even build an airport!--in this fun-filled book starring the Pigeon and YOU!

Many years in the making, DON'T LET THE PIGEON FINISH THIS ACTIVITY BOOK! is more than just activities, there are huge EVENTS that you and your family can do.  Write and Illustrate a book, then have a book signing! Build an airport and a sandwich! Make puppets and perform a play!

It's 250+ pages of adventure, hot dogs, and Mad Cows!

This was a fun one to make, especially as I got to write and create it with my old partner in crime, Mr. Warburton.  I hope you have as much fun playing with this book as we had making it.

Available at your favorite store Oct 9, 2012.